Queen of Apostles’ Seminary—Secondary Boarding School

Queen of Apostles’ Seminary is a secondary boarding school for about 500 boys.  The yearly cost of the boarding school is about $500 USD.  This makes for an annual budget of about $250,000 to pay all expenses of the school such as: teachers, priests, food, buildings, teaching materials, and everything else.  The seminary grows much of its own food which is cooked in the traditional way.

The ages of the boys are 10-18.  They come from many different tribes and, thus, have many different cultural languages.  At the seminary, they are not permitted to speak their tribal language but only English since English is the language that unites them all.  They are able to have a family visit one day a month and have a break between terms and about two months off in the summer.

Their classrooms are simple and consist of desks, a chalkboard, and nothing else.  They share books since they do not have their own. The rector said that the ratio of books to boys is about 5:1.  Thus, 5 boys share one book.

They have a computer lab with working computers but no Internet.  The administration offices are quite dilapidated but suffice.  The greatest needs are for teaching materials and structural improvements.  For example, the heavy rains during the rainy season wash away much of the foundation for the buildings.  Therefore, Queen of Apostles’ Seminary is in need of many repairs.

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