Priest Healthcare and Elderly Home

Though healthcare is very inexpensive in Nigeria in comparison to American standards, when a priest becomes sick, he may not have enough money to pay for his doctor visit.  Most priests make less than $30 a month.  As a result, priest healthcare is provided through the U.S. Missions Office.  This includes hospital visits for an illness as well as more serious medical needs.  Most hospital visits cost approximately $25 USD for the visit and medication if needed.

Additionally, when a priest is elderly and in need of regular medical attention, it can be difficult for them to get the proper medical care.  To help with this challenge, the U.S. Missions Office has been able to assist in building a home for elderly and sick priests on the campus of Mercy Hospital.  This makes it possible for the doctors, nurses and staff to attend to their medical needs within this residence.

Newly constructed home for up to three sick or elderly priests on the campus of Mercy Hospital.

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