Mercy Hospital and Mercy Eye Centre, Abak

Mercy Hospital is located in the village of Abak, about 10 minutes from the city of Ikot Ekpene.  It specializes in eye care, which includes not only prescriptions for glasses but also offers services for other diseases.  Mercy Eye Centre is one of the very few eye hospitals in Nigeria.  As a result, people come from many hours away for treatment and surgery.  On a typical day, the Eye Centre may see as many as 100 patients.

In addition to its specialty in eye care, the doctors and staff treat every type of illness. Some of the most common ailments include Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Typhoid Fever and Anemia.  The hospital also provides gynecology services to assist women with their pregnancy through weekly appointments, checkups and education. They also offer delivery of children, postnatal care for those born with illnesses, care for premature babies and emergency deliveries.

Pastoral care is of greatest importance to Mercy Hospital.  Father Lawrence is the chaplain and serves not only the spiritual needs of the patients, but he also cares for staff and other local Catholics and non-Catholics alike.  Currently, Fr. Lawrence is working to build a new chapel on campus to assist with the growing apostolic needs.

In Nigeria, nursing homes are not needed because the elderly are cared for by family.  As a result, elderly priests are also cared for by the Church.  Recently, Mercy Hospital completed a house for elderly priests on campus, which allows priests with medical needs to live on the hospital grounds and receive daily visits from doctors and staff.

Below are two videos.  One is a video tour of the campus by Fr. Francis, the Hospital Secretary.  The other is a video by Fr. Lawrence presenting his work as a chaplain at the hospital.

A tour of Mercy Hospital and Eye Centre by Fr. Francis

Chaplain of Mercy Hospital, Fr. Lawrence

Photo’s of Mercy Hospital and Mercy Eye Centre

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