St. Mary Hospital, Urua Akpan

St. Mary Hospital is located in the village of Urua Akpan, about 20 minutes from the city of Ikot Ekpene.  The annual budget of this hospital totals about $55,000 USD, which covers the salaries of all doctors, nurses, technicians, priests, religious, and other administrators and workers.  Most of the money making up the annual budget comes from those who are able to pay for healthcare services at the hospital, but the U.S. Missions Office also provides a subsidy of about 10% of their annual needs.

The hospital is powered by two generators and has electricity in the evenings and at other critical times, such as during surgeries.  However, the generators are quite old and do not always work when needed.

Currently, the doctors and staff treat every type of illness.  Some of the most common ailments include Tuberculosis, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Typhoid Fever and Anemia.  The hospital also strives to specialize in gynecology, assisting women with their pregnancy through weekly appointments, checkups and education. They also specialize in the delivery of children, postnatal care for those born with illnesses, premature babies and emergency deliveries.

The hospital has a lab with some equipment that has been donated and some that was purchased by the hospital.  Each piece of equipment is used to its fullest capacity and is greatly appreciated.

One active part of the hospital is its pharmacy.  Medicine is one of the greatest needs of patients, and the pharmacists and technicians work carefully and responsibly to use the resources they have for those in greatest need.

The hospital has one working x-ray machine capable of basic x-rays of the chest.  This is especially helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis or bone fractures or other bone or joint issues.

The surgery room is used when serious needs arise.  In this room is one working operating table to assist the doctor with various procedures.  There is one working sanitizer for instruments. However, when this sanitizer is not working, the hospital is able to send their utensils to other hospitals to be sanitized.  Procedures that are most common would be removal of an appendix, repair of a hernia, cesarean section, lumpectomy of the breast, or removal of other tumors. 

Once a month, St. Mary’s Hospital sends a doctor, nurse and pharmacy technician into one of the rural villages for a day or two to treat those with ongoing ailments.  These services are always free, since the people they serve are unable to pay anything for the services or medicine.

St. Mary Hospital would like to expand its specialty of gynecology, so that people from around the State of Akwa Ibom and beyond will have a place to go for help with difficult pregnancies.  The primary resources lacking at this point are medical equipment and other medical supplies.

The Office for the Missions USA is asking for any and all used medical equipment from U.S. hospitals and clinics so that this equipment can be shipped by the U.S. Missions Office to St. Mary Hospital, Urua Akpan, and other hospitals in need.  Monetary donations also are of great assistance.

If you have a special interest in healthcare and are able to assist with the donation of used medical equipment, or if you would like to make a financial donation, please contact us for more information.

Video tour of St. Mary Hospital by Fr. Primus, Hospital Administrator:

Picture Gallery of St. Mary Hospital:


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