Sponsor School Children in Need!

In Nigeria, many parents deeply desire to send their children to Catholic schools, but many are unable to do so. Even though annual tuition for most Catholic schools is less than $50 USD a year, there are many parents who cannot even afford this. And though the parish priest often tries to welcome as many children for free as possible, he is limited in his resources and ability to accept many children who would like to attend one of our schools.

At a Catholic school, not only are the children formed in the beauty of the Catholic faith, but parents also know that Catholic school teachers in Nigeria, despite the fact that many of them make less than $400 a year for their full time salary, are exceptionally dedicated. Also, Catholic schools keep the teacher to student ratio to a minimum so as to provide the best education possible.

You can help by sponsoring an entire class at a parish school in the Diocese of Ikot Ekpene. Sponsorship starts at only $33 a month (about $1 a day) and provides many needed resources to help these children.

By adopting a classroom of students, you will become an important part of their lives and will truly make a difference for them. When you begin your sponsorship, the teacher, principal and parish priest will be informed and they will gratefully respond by sharing with you pictures, letters and information on the children and teachers of your adopted classroom. All of their communications will be sent to you through the USA Missions Office. We will keep you updated on a regular basis so that you truly become an active part of the lives of these children.

How Your Donation Helps
Your ongoing donation of just $33 a month will help in many ways. Here are some of those ways:

  • You will make it possible for the parish priest to enroll students in your adopted classroom for free whose parents cannot afford the annual tuition.
  • You will provide books, writing materials, teaching materials, chalk/marker boards and other items used daily in the classroom for lessons.
  • Part of your donation may go toward school wide goals such as purchasing one or more computers that all students will be able to use from time to time. Most elementary students have never even tried a computer, so access to one or more computers at school will help prepare them for the future where computers have become the norm.
  • From time to time your adopted class may try to have an excursion to somewhere that many of the children have never been, such as to the diocesan cathedral, a soccer stadium, a shrine, or other educational and religious activities that will create wonderful and lasting memories for them.
  • Lastly, there are numerous other needs that always arise within the school such as building new classrooms as the school grows, maintaining the water pump and holding tank so that fresh water can be acquired each day, providing fuel for the few times that the generator is used to provide electricity for the school, and providing for various ongoing repairs.

If you would like to help, monthly sponsorship begins at just $33 a month. Once you adopt a classroom, you will be able to stay with that classroom for as long as you choose, even following them from year-to-year. You can cancel at any time.

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