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Construction has begun!

Thanks to your generosity, Marian Infant is now building! As of November, 2022 they began construction of a new classroom so as to expand their school. Upon completion, your donated funds will also help to furnish the new classroom with desks and materials. Additionally, the roof of the old section of the school has been repaired and soon there will be a new paint job throughout! Below are a couple of initial pictures. We will keep you updated as the project moves forward:

If you would like to contribute to this project and other needs at the schools in Ikot Ekpene, you may do so here.

Summer 2022 Updates:

Marian Infant is in the process of updating its facilities. Severe rain slowed down the progress but the work continues. Below are a few pictures from this summer. Soon, we will have new updates on the work and on the current school year that just got underway.

May 1, 2022 Update on Donations

We are excited to share an update on your donations to date. As of May 1, we have been able to forward $1,600 to Marian Infant. Below you will find some new pictures from an April 25th, 2022 visit to the school by Fr. Gerald Akata and Fr. Donald Udoh to help determine how best to use the initial donations. After the pictures you will find a report of how the money will be used.

Thank you once again for your generosity! Marian Infant is one of many schools in Nigeria in grave need of financial support so as to provide the basic necessities for a good learning environment for these children. Fell free to share this page with other family and friends who you believe may want to assist.

Fr. Joseph, Fr. Donald and Fr. Gerald with students
Fr. Donald with students
Fr. Joseph and students in front of school
Students and front of school
Playground equipment
Teachers and students

Plan for use of $1,600 in donations as of May 1, 2022:


Introduction: After our team (Frs. Gerald Akata and Donald Udoh) visited the Marian Infant Jesus Nursery/Primary School on Monday 25th of April, 2022 we in the company of the Manager of the School, Rev. Fr. Joseph Idiong took a tour of the school. We entered all the classrooms. We inspected the playing items, football field, latrines (convenient places for girls and boys), teachers’ tables, chalkboards, teachers’ seats, pupils’ seats, library, infirmary, roof, and Head-teacher’s office. We visited with all the pupils in all the classrooms.

Areas of needs: We identified the following areas of immediate needs:

  1. Damaged & linking roof
  2. Lack of Infirmary
  3. Inadequate Library and teaching aids
  4. Insufficient playing facilities
  5. Unpainted classrooms
  6. Unsanitary (unhygienic) latrines and convenient places.
  7. A decimal (fractured) front view

: We returned home and quickly did the budgets/estimates based on the donation of one thousand six hundred US Dollars ($1,600) that we received from the donors. The budgets/estimates are shown on Table 1.

Reception by Pupils: We met on resumption day a total number of over one hundred (100) pupils. They were excited and in highly good spirit. They are commendable along with the five-teaching staff.

Future Recommendations: In the future we will like to undertake to build a new classroom block (if possible); provide the following: repairs of doors; new roofing; sanitation; playing facilities; books; library and computer

Exchange rate for the US Dollars: We were able to change the $1,600 we received at the rate of ₦584 per dollar. We received a total of nine hundred and thirty-four thousand, four hundred naira only (₦934,400.00). We are grateful to all the donors. We will get to work immediately with the support of the Manager of the School, Rev. Fr. Joseph Idiong. We will send out report as soon as the work in the areas of needed is done.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Fr. Donald Udoh
Local Supervisor, USMF
Catholic Diocese of Ikot Ekpene

Rev. Fr. Joseph Idiong
Manager, Infant Jesus Nur/Primary school
Ifa Nkari, Ini L.G.Area

Rev. Fr. Gerald Akata
Finance Administrator
Catholic Diocese of Ikot Ekpene

Copy: Most Rev. Camillus R. Umoh, Catholic Bishop of Ikot Ekpene Diocese, Nigeria.

General Overview of School:


INTRODUCTION: Marian infant Jesus Nursery/Primary School is located at Ifa-Nkari in Ini Local Government of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. It is a mission school managed and control by the Diocesan Education, Ikot Ekpene Diocese. The proprietor of the school is most Rev. Dr. C. R. Umoh, Catholic Bishop of Ikot Ekpene Diocese while Rev. Fr. Joseph Bernard Idiong is the manager.

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL: the school was established on 9th October, 2011. The name of the school Marian Infant Jesus was given to the school by the founder, Rev. Fr. Donald Udo to demonstrate the love of Mary and her infant Jesus. This is the type of love which every Christians should embrace the whole of Mary can never be under estimated.

Therefore, as the manager of the school, it is my resolution to help the Diocese register more presence at Nkari Community Since Marian Infant Jesus Nursery/Primary school is the only school in the whole of Nkari clan in session as other temporary by the state government due to some crises.


  1. To train young people to the fear and love of God.
  2. To groom them to be patriotic to their country.
  3. To offer sound academic and moral training to the pupils.
  4. To train them to be confident of their chosen culture carrier.
  5. To offer the less privilege the opportunity of enjoying a qualitative education at a low cost.

POPULATION: The population of the school presently is as follows:

  • Nursery One: 50
  • Nursery Two: 30
  • Primary One: 33
  • Primary Two: 25
  • Primary Three: 32
  • Primary Four: 15
  • Primary Five: 14
  • Primary Six: 3

Total Number of pupils: 202
Total Number of Teaching staff: 8
Maid -2


  1. The Diocese has provided us with one classroom block which houses 6 classrooms, one office and two store.
  2. We hosted inspections from the ministry of education, Uyo and received the authority to operate (A.T.O).
  3. More than 40 pupils have passed out from our school to the secondary school and performed creditably.
  4. Our academic standard is very high.
  5. The village head and the entire people of Ifa-Nkari village has donated a very big portion of land to the school for the building of a mission secondary school which is yet to be established.
  6. Our school is presently the only school in session in Nkari Clan due to some crises.

CHALLENGES: About 95% of the people of Nkari are predominantly peasant farmers, therefore the major challenge of the school in finance. Most of the pupils left the school on account of indebtedness.


  1. Lack of Assembly hall for functions
  2. Insufficient classroom
  3. Lack of playing kids
  4. Lack of perimeter fence at the backyard of the school for security purpose.
  5. Bad state of the roof
  6. Lack of teaching aid/library.
  7. Lack of computer (ICT)

CONCLUSION: I wish to thank God very sincerely for this golden opportunity given to me and hopefully that he will use you to keep us. If the money is given to us, we promise to make good use if the renovation of the school block. Thanks and remain blessed.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Idiong
Pastor & Manager

Marian Infant Jesus School Anthem
Marian Infant Song of Praise

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